Real Estate Photography
Industry Census

Welcome to the real estate photography industry's first official census. The census is now live and is in-depth questionnaire focused on all areas of the real estate photography industry: equipment, company size, editing styles, marketing, legal, etc.

The census is anonymous, and all results will be aggregated and published freely for the benefit of the industry. Participants of the census will receive first access to the results and insights to follow.

Why a census? The goal of the census is to provide accurate, publicly available insights to the entire industry. Insights will range from what percentage of photographers deliver 3D tours, to the average number of years running ones business, to the average number of yearly shoots. These kinds of insights are vital to understanding where the industry sits today, and where it's going in the future.

Who is running the census? The census is being managed by PFRE (Photography for Real Estate) and Aryeo. PFRE is a real estate photography community, providing decades of forums and blog articles, and the hosts of industry's annual conference. Aryeo is a real estate content platform that works with hundreds of real estate photographers around the world. Aryeo's team has been surveying thousands of real estate agents and aggregating insights from hundreds of thousands of properties to bring truly next level insights to the real estate photography industry.